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Occurring in sequence.


(se'kwens) [L. sequentia, the following, context]
1. The order or occurrence of a series of related events.
2. The arrangement of nucleotides in a nucleic acid molecule. sequential (se-kwen'chal), adjective

Goldenhar sequence

See: Goldenhar sequence

pulse sequence

In magnetic resonance imaging, a series of radio waves designed to produce proton stimulation necessary to create the image.

randomization sequence

The order in which newly enrolled patients are entered either into active treatment or into the placebo branch of a clinical trial.

spacer sequence

The genetic material on a chromosome that separates actively transcribed genes. It may make up the largest part of the genome of some eukaryotic organisms and often consists of tandem repeats of DNA. Synonym: spacer DNA

terminator sequence

In genetics, a specific series of nucleotides that instructs a cell to stop transcribing a gene.


characterized by a regular sequence of additions or modifications.

sequential analgesia
the use of a partial opioid agonist after a pure agonist to reverse respiratory depression but maintain analgesia. Called also agonist/antagonist analgesia.
sequential analysis
data are analyzed as they become available so that the experiment or survey can be terminated as soon as the required result is available at the desired rate of statistical significance.
sequential trials
see sequential analysis (above).
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Operating income of $23 million was flat sequentially, but $3 million below the prior year period with lower selling prices offset somewhat by lower costs.
Capital generated from earnings resulted in improved metrics both sequentially and year over year.
0 billion, a decrease of 42% year-on-year and 14% sequentially; and quarterly Adjusted EBITDA of $605 million, a decrease of 44% year-on-year and 6% sequentially.
Revenue was USD215 million, down from USD219 million sequentially and up from USD204 million in the year ago quarter due to the acquisition and subsequent growth of Vonage Business Solutions.
LED Products and Lighting Products segment gross margins are expected to be lower sequentially primarily due to the product mix within each segment.
Microprocessor average selling price (ASP) increased sequentially and year-over-year.
0m, an increase of 10 percent year-over-year and flat sequentially.
Net charge-offs (excluding covered loans) were 209 bps of average loans outstanding, down 17 bps sequentially and 45 bps year over year.
4% sequentially in April to the lowest value since April 1987.
DSP revenue rose 23% from a year ago, and 8% sequentially.