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Occurring in sequence.


(se'kwens) [L. sequentia, the following, context]
1. The order or occurrence of a series of related events.
2. The arrangement of nucleotides in a nucleic acid molecule. sequential (se-kwen'chal), adjective

Goldenhar sequence

See: Goldenhar sequence

pulse sequence

In magnetic resonance imaging, a series of radio waves designed to produce proton stimulation necessary to create the image.

randomization sequence

The order in which newly enrolled patients are entered either into active treatment or into the placebo branch of a clinical trial.

spacer sequence

The genetic material on a chromosome that separates actively transcribed genes. It may make up the largest part of the genome of some eukaryotic organisms and often consists of tandem repeats of DNA. Synonym: spacer DNA

terminator sequence

In genetics, a specific series of nucleotides that instructs a cell to stop transcribing a gene.


characterized by a regular sequence of additions or modifications.

sequential analgesia
the use of a partial opioid agonist after a pure agonist to reverse respiratory depression but maintain analgesia. Called also agonist/antagonist analgesia.
sequential analysis
data are analyzed as they become available so that the experiment or survey can be terminated as soon as the required result is available at the desired rate of statistical significance.
sequential trials
see sequential analysis (above).
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Finally, the comparison between the sequential treatment with information and the benchmark treatment will capture both the effect of sequentiality and of information asymmetry.
See Huhn and Schonert (2002), whose argument the present article seeks to expand and develop further with respect to the dimension of sequentiality.
This issue is relevant since sequentiality of plays creates the opportunity for individuals to signal their true type.
Two cost issues need be examined: the cost of the parallel gathers required for the parallel steps of the coarsening, and the impact of sacrificing some parallelism by introducing sequentiality to the coarsening process.
As is often the case elsewhere, this section offers moments where sentences appear to be falling into coherent sequentiality only to break off into radically paratactic segments where interrelationships are at best based on wordplay or merely disconnected usages of teeth.
We can better appreciate the context of serial murder and its complement, copycat murder, through the more pervasive, persuasive cultural construct of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, whose key symptoms echo behavior both serial and copycat: a rigorous sequentiality of personal rituals; constant, exact, anxious repetition; awkwardness with the Many; desires always to be in control and con comitant fears of losing control, hence extreme discomfort, a la Jack Nicholson in As Good As It Gets (1998), with the unpredictable, the unscheduled, the animal, the spontaneous, the unique.
170), this is not sufficient to account for the sequentiality of ontic conceptions of time.
Another problem associated with the spatial model concerns the confusing properties conveyed by expressions of sequentiality, such as "before" and "after.
Not only is Ricketts ignorant of essential published information on the manuscript as well as its whereabouts; her wild misreading implies unawareness of a fundamental convention in the art she examines, namely, simultaneous reappearances of the same figure within a single frame to signify narrative sequentiality.
The most prominent of the features modeled are the sequentiality of investments, the irreversibility of investments, and the option to postpone or terminate future investments in a project.
The fragment of Jubilate Agno about Jeoffry has its own quality of punching, its own sequentiality and logic.
If the jargon of our times - postmodernity, postcoloniality, postfeminism - has any meaning at all, it does lie in the popular use of the 'post' to indicate sequentiality - after-feminism; or polarity - anti-modernism.