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(sep'ĕr-ā-tŏr), Avoid the misspelling seperator.
1. That which divides or keeps apart two or more substances or prevents them from mingling.
2. In dentistry, an instrument for forcing two teeth apart, so as to gain access to adjacent proximal walls. Synonym(s): segregator
[L. se-paro, pp. -atus, to separate, fr. se, apart, + paro, to prepare]


Etymology: L, separare, to separate
1 a device for separating or moving opposing structures away from each other.
2 a device or instrument for wedging teeth apart, especially proximal teeth having tight contact, as for the examination of proximal surfaces, for finishing a restoration, or before banding in orthodontic therapy. Also called space maintainer.


1. In dentistry, instrument for forcing two teeth apart, so as to gain access to adjacent proximal walls.
2. That which divides or keeps apart two or more substances.
[L. se-paro, pp. -atus, to separate, fr. se, apart, + paro, to prepare]


n an instrument used to wedge teeth apart and out of normal contact by immediate separation; useful in the examination of proximal surfaces of teeth and in finishing proximal restorations. Must be used with care; it should be stabilized against the teeth with modeling compound to prevent tissue damage.
separator, Ferrier's, a set of balanced, double-bowed, adjustable separators designed by W.I. Ferrier.
separator, noninterfering,
n See separator, True's.
separator, True's (noninterfering separator), a single-bowed separator designed to give greater access to the surface being operated on; designed by Harry A. True.

Patient discussion about separator

Q. I have adapted my 6 year old son. He stays separate and alone. I am suspecting him to be having autism? I have adapted my 6 year old son from an orphanage. He was looking great that I could not leave him there. He stays separate and alone, away from his other friends. He cannot make friendship. I have seen that he does not make any eye contact when we talk to him. Initially I thought that he will know me well then he will be ok. But it’s not happening after 3 years since I had brought him from the orphanage. Even he cannot talk well. I am suspecting him to be having autism?

A. He may have autism. You must take him to a doctor. Now his history and his parent’s information can reveal the genetic impact of his autism. In order to get all these information’s, try to get in touch with the orphanage. Tests taken by the doctor like behavior assessment and other tests will confirm about his autism. But don’t worry he can become well if you will work hard to help in his behavior treatment and learning. But don’t lose confidence in the kid though you have adapted him from the orphanage.

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