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Their sentimentality has tended to go unacknowledged ever since because it was what Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick calls an 'open secret' in Australian society (145).
Sentimentality rating: 9 Longevity rating: 8 RADIOHEAD - SAIL TO THE MOON It was the birth of Thom Yorke's son Noah that inspired this track from Hail to the Thief, and Yorke has spoken of how fatherhood has affected his songwriting - encouraging him to voice his unease at social injustice and our responsibility to future generations.
11) The opening line of an article tellingly entitled "Sentimentality: The Victorian Failing," which appears on The Victorian Web, is indicative of the modern attitude: "We may define sentimentality as a writer's consciously indulging emotion for its own sake, pushing the reader to emotional peaks through exaggeration, manipulation of language and situation, and such mechanical tricks as dwelling on the suffering and purity of a dying child.
The danger with sentimentality is that people do more than enjoy looking back.
This is the dynamic of Under Milk Wood, his play for voices in the manner of Edgar Lee Masters's Spoon River Anthology, and a masterpiece of sentimentality like no other.
Influenced by anthropology and sociology; Kete's thesis argues that "literary sentimentality is just the written trace of a broad cultural discourse called 'sentimental collaboration': the exchange of sympathy establishing the ground for participation in a common cultural or intellectual project" (xiv).
For Ozment, the key issue in early modern family history is the question of sentimentality and affectionate relations among family members.
Aside from some needlessly sappy sentimentality and a cute quirkiness to characters that sometimes seems a little too pat, the film is well written.
Rendered in a conversational voice that captures the wide-eyed innocence of childhood without succumbing to overt sentimentality, such episodes, though sometimes painful, temporarily deferred Watkins's awareness of how profoundly racial distinctions mattered in the American society of his youth.
This makes it easy to excuse Bokenkotter's occasional lapses into sentimentality (the pathos of Romero's assassination is overdone) and shameless cheerleading (Walesa seems fit for canonization according to the portrayal here).
In Faking It - The Sentimentalisation of Modern Society, Bradford University philosophy Professor Anthony O'Hear denounces Diana as a symbol of a `fake Britain' which has abandoned reason in favour of cheap sentimentality.
He or she may be easily trapped or stumble into a snare of overloaded sentimentality.