sensu stricto

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sen·su stri·cto

(sen'sū strik'tō), Avoid the misspelling/mispronunciation senso stricto.
In a strict sense.

sen·su stric·to

(sen'sū strik'tō)
In a narrow or limited sense.
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Detection of Borrelia burgdorferi sensu stricto by reverse line blot in the joints of Dutch patients with Lyme arthritis.
Information on genetic variation and genetic structure of Agave sensu stricto species was obtained from a careful review of the literature.
11) of Tobbler Creek so we gave it the name Gomphonema parvulum sensu stricto.
uniformis are from field guides (Stebbins 1954; Lemm 2006; Stebbins 2003; Conrad 2009) and likely reflect Sceloporus magister sensu stricto, not S.
The study investigated one area of Savanna vegetation sensu stricto and three areas with pastures (prior Savanna) in Montes Claros and one Savanna vegetation sensu stricto and one pasture (prior Savanna) in Ibiracatu.
It is useful to mention that Tillyard originally included Triassomantidae in the former order Orthoptera sensu lato as he considered this family related to mantises (now the suborder Mantina in the order Dictyoptera), but Riek (1956) transferred the family to the order Orthoptera sensu stricto (in a recent volume), and Sharov (1962) first put this taxon in the order Protoblattodea (= Eoblattida; Rasnitsyn 2002).
full The Awesome Power of Yeast Evolutionary Genetics: New Genome Sequences and Strain Resources for the Saccharomyces sensu stricto Genus
However, some important points are made, starting with the observation that climate change no longer means climate change sensu stricto but has become synonymous with human-caused climate change (p.
Mapping the ranges and relative abundance of the two principal African malaria vectors, Anopheles gambiae sensu stricto and Anopheles arabiensis using climatic data.