sensory nerve action potential

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sensory nerve action potential (SNAP),

n the electrical impulse that carries information along a sensory neuron.
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8 12-79 >10 Glossary AE - above elbow Amp - amplitude BE - below elbow CMAP - compound motor action potential DML - distal motor latency DSL - distal sensory latency MNCV - motor nerve conduction velocity SNAP - sensory nerve action potential W - wrist Table 2.
Low amplitude sensory nerve action potential and multifocal compound muscle action potential and normal or minimally decreased velocity were reported in the previous studies with RA patients (14-16).
SLD: Fourth digit median ulnar sensory latency difference, amp SNAPS: Amplitude of antidromic sensory nerve action potential, amp CMAPs: Amplitude of compound muscle action potentials Table 3.
The median nerve was stimulated at the wrist 12 cm from the active electrode and from antecubital fossa, and the sensory nerve action potentials (SNAP) were recorded with ring electrode from the third digit.
24,25) The presence of a CDP indicates conduction of sensory nerve action potentials through the brachial or lumbar plexus to the spinal cord.
We report a case of West Nile poliomyelitis with preserved deep-tendon reflexes, diminished sensory nerve action potentials, and pathologic findings which do not localize to the anterior horn.