sensory defensiveness

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sen·so·ry de·fen·sive·ness

(sen'sŏr-ē dĕ-fens'iv-nĕs)
Overreaction to a nonnoxious sensory stimulus resulting in an adverse or defensive response. Types of sensory defensiveness may be associated with tactile, oral, auditory, olfactory, visual, or movement stimuli.
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Children with sensory processing difficulties sometimes have heightened awareness or sensory defensiveness.
Not yet, but now, within the Snoezelen room, we can touch her and treat the Sensory Defensiveness by adding "brushing" (an approach/protocol developed by P.
Video clips are used to show examples of such terms as social reciprocity, joint attention, sensory defensiveness, hand flapping, and echolalia.
One part of James' sensory diet was the implementation of the Wilbarger approach to treating sensory defensiveness (Wilbarger & Wilbarger, 2002).