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Studies in primates already had shown that activity in the primary sensory areas of the brain's cerebral cortex lines up with perception, and they found this to be true in the mice too.
These neurons cluster in "barrels," one per whisker, a pattern of organization seen in other sensory areas as well.
A THIS rare type of migraine affects the sensory area of the brain.
However, it had not been understood at what stage of sensory processing the brain selects information that is given attention, and in particular it had not been properly understood what sensory area is first affected as a result of focusing attention.
She also plans to create a sensory area within the playground for children with autism.
We have a sensory area in the nose able to pick up chemicals in the air and it's likely that these chemical attractants have a part to play in our sexual attraction towards a
Mileau incorporated a lot of curves and a lot of areas in the garden, such as a sensory area, which has vegetation that sways in the breeze and a waterfall for residents to hear.
A BRA BR IN injury charity which covers Merseyside has cut the ribbon on a brand new sensory area to help improve the lives of its patients.
The garden has a sensory area, a butterfly garden, a minibeast and wildlife area and a place where the children have brought a stone to mark their commitment.
With the money raised through WISH we will develop our outdoor area with either a wildlife area, a forest school or a sensory area.
The money will help pay for a garden sensory area for the charity's Birmingham Road centre in Wylde Green.