sense of identity

sense of i·den·ti·ty

one's sense of one's own identity or psychological selfhood.
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Rosels visit and his continued professional excellence for Filipinos sense of identity abroad.
Of course they feel Jewish enough without it, I thought; communities outside their home environment have to work harder to maintain their sense of identity.
But stability and a sense of identity come close behind.
We are growing the ways in which we can measure the social benefits that heritage brings through the sense of identity and belonging that it gives communities.
Building a strong sense of identity, developing tolerance for all people and beliefs, and stepping up to meet challenges that help advance personal growth are key areas of youth development, noted, Tareq al-Ansari, an assistant professor at Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) as the country marked International Youth Day last week.
But what happens to your sense of identity when the place you live is fundamentally altered by forces beyond your control.
He also praised the festival's role in strengthening national pride and the Bahraini sense of identity.
Based on Shapiro's 20 years of research around the world, Negotiating the Nonnegotiable shows how threats to our sense of identity, what he calls "the Tribes Effect," can make compromise seem impossible--in family conflict, a workplace dispute or even an international crisis.
The exhibition invites visitors to consider how the everyday activities of 'choosing' and 'making' contribute to our sense of identity and the construction of the self.
This study explores how feelings of national belonging are central to an individual's sense of identity, focusing on ways of feeling French in the 19th century before a republican sense of national identity was created during the Third Republic.
It was easier when many felt a sense of identity with a particular political party because they had an outlook based upon class.
Never knowing if she'll see Boris again, Veronika slowly begins to rebuild her life and sense of identity.