sennoside A

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sen·no·side A

, sennoside B (sen'ō-sīd),
Two anthraquinone glucosides that are the laxative principles of senna.
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The reference compounds AloeEmodin, Rhein, Emodin, Chrysophanol, Physcion were purchased from the National Institute for Control of Pharmaceuticals and Biological Products (Beijing, China), and Sennoside A and Sennoside B from the Mansite Pharmaceutical Co.
1 [micro]M, Sennoside A at 20 [micro]M, Sennoside B at 20 [micro]M and RDS1760 at 25 [micro]M).
Noteworthy, the most active components were Sennoside A and Sennoside B.
On the contrary, Sennoside B exhibited a 2- to 4-fold decrease in the inhibitory activity on K103N and Y188L RTs, and displayed an [IC.
8 [micro]M, while Sennoside B was 23-fold less potent.
50] value around 9 [micro]M in the absence of cytotoxicity, as determined by MTT assay, while Sennoside B was inactive at the highest tested concentration.
In contrast, late reverse transcription products generated after the first strand transfer decrease in the presence of Sennoside A, but not in the presence of Sennoside B.