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A transient lapse in memory attributed to age-associated memory impairment, as experienced by a senior citizen
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My daughter frequently does the same so to call them senior moments is a tad unfair.
As I am suffering badly from senior moments, all the event is a bit scratchy.
In fact, those ruffle-haired senior moments often preceded a nugget of gold, asserting, for example, that "everyone under the age of 35 has the intelligence of raspberry jam".
The senior moments that pass like a grey mist through my addled mind may be down to all that super-strength cider I downed in my salad days, however.
Senior Moments, the older people's group that meets monthly in the parish church, met on Wednesday November 19, when 35 people attended and were involved in a craft workshop facilitated by Andrea Freeman.
Even so-called trendy vicars can have senior moments.
The game might not have passed Gibbs by, but the Redskins coach is having some senior moments with clock management.
At Leicester (M to L stage, psychedelic light show but, in truth, not quite the joyful spirit of the Academy) he launched straight into Forever Changes and suffered a couple of senior moments along the way, omitting drummer David Green from his name-check routine and momentarily going off lyrical course on, of all things, You Set The Scene.
IT'S the kind of comedy every one of us is guaranteed to experience at some point in our lives - senior moments.
Jokes about senior moments aside, we don't have to lose our mental acuity with age.
The Seattle Senior Moments Package includes a beautifully appointed classic or deluxe guestroom, cocktails and an appetizer for two in Oliver's award-winning cocktail bar and a beautiful Mayflower Park journal to document the magical moments created during your stay.
BILL PLACE in his Senior Moments feature (January 4) ended with the plea "We used to buy metal caps, similar to Bic Biro caps to prevent breaking the pencil point.
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