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Old Age, Survivors, Disability and Health Insurance Program (OASDHI)

a benefit program, administered by the U.S. Social Security Administration, that provides cash benefits to workers who are retired or disabled, their dependents, and survivors, commonly referred to as Social Security. The program also provides health insurance benefits for people over 65 and disabled people under 65. It is commonly referred to as Medicare.

old age

An age in years of a particular individual which reaches or surpasses the average life span of human being. Old age may be regarded as an legitimate cause of death in the UK for a person over the age of 80, when no significant pathology or cause of death can be found after a thoroughly investigated postmortem examination.

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Q. Here is a challenging question for you. Do you look young or old for your age? Hi,Here is a challenging question for you. Do you look young or old for your age?

A. Unfortunately I look older than my age, people say that I look 22-25. However I'm just 20. I'm not a smoker, I don't drink alcohol every week, so I have no idea. :)

Q. I have a 16 month old, I was just wondering what is a good age to indroduce soda? I have a friend who already indroduced soda to her 2 year old. At the time her child was only 13 months.

A. Why give her that? Even as adults, there's no special benefit from soda (or other carbonated beverages), and as a child the nutritionally-poor soda may make your child feel full so he or she may not want to eat more important food such as vegetables or protein.

Q. My elder sister is 29 years old, 150 cm tall, into her ninth month of pregnancy. she had a sugar test My elder sister is 29 years old, 150 cm tall, into her ninth month of pregnancy. she had a sugar test done during her first trimester, which revealed her blood sugar to be 95 mg/dl. My doctor asked her to go for a 75 g GTT at 6 months and the readings were: fasting sugar - 90 mg/dl, 1hour: 144 mg/dl and 2 hour: 114 mg/dl. At the beginning of pregnancy, her weight was 62 Kg and now she weigh 72Kg. A random sugar test at 32 weeks reported blood sugar to be 105 mg/dl. she continued with her normal food cravings, which were a little high on sugar levels since she mostly enjoyed eating sweets. She wants to know whether or not she suffering from gestational diabetes?

A. Gestational diabetes is also diagnosed based on plasma glucose values measured during the OGTT. Blood glucose levels are checked four times during the test. If your blood glucose levels are above normal at least twice during the test, you have gestational diabetes. Below shows the results for the OGTT for gestational diabetes.

Fasting: 95 mg/dL or higher
At 1 hour: 180 mg/dL or higher
At 2 hours: 155 mg/dL or higher
At 3 hours: 140 mg/dL or higher

So your sister does not have Gestational diabetes.

If you want to know details about gestational diabetes, Visit:

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Congress, through this life-changing move to increase social pension and decrease or reduce complicated requirements, aims to help not just our senior citizens but also their families who can now allocate more of their hard-earned income for other needs,' he said.
Free movie booklets are issued by the Office of Senior Citizens Affairs of Makati to senior citizens who can present their White Card (national ID card for senior citizens) and a valid Comelec Certificate showing that they are registered voters of Makati.
The department also ordered all health and other designated facilities to display boards, detailing services offered exclusively for the benefit of senior citizens.
The council will assist retired senior citizens in receiving their pension-related benefits and other dues from the departments and organisations concerned.
To provide some relief and support to the senior citizens during these years, the tax authorities allow a deduction of Rs 15,000 for payment towards health insurance premium for self and similar amount for health/medical insurance for parents.
Atul Malikram, President being responsible says "We have taken all care to send our invitation to maximum senior citizens of the country, and have sent nomination forms to more than 50 cities till now.
Crimes against senior citizens, according to the report, is the highest in Mumbai.
Senior citizens can also utilize the easily accessible camp facilities, creating a second new target market.
In response, it created the Senior Citizens Police Advocate Program, a proactive, holistic approach to crime prevention.
Informational flyers were sent to local training programs, work centers, rehabilitation facilities, supported employment contractors, senior citizen centers, special education teachers, vocational education teachers, Job Training Partnership Act projects, and Projects With Industry.
Known as Better Days, the precursors to the All Aboard Job Fairs expanded the senior citizen recruiting emphasis of Days Inn to include people with disabilities.
BOSTON -- ProVentive, a leading provider of proactive information and outcomes for the health care industry using predictive technology and systemic analytics, announced today that the company's Reducing Senior Citizen Institutionalization initiative has received a Special Recognition Award in the Pioneer Institute for Public Policy's 2006 Better Government Competition.

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