seminal vesicle

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1. a small bladder or sac containing liquid.
2. a small circumscribed elevation of the epidermis containing a serous fluid; a small blister.
allantoic vesicle the internal hollow portion of the allantois.
auditory vesicle a detached ovoid sac formed by closure of the auditory pit in the early embryo, from which the percipient parts of the inner ear develop.
brain v's the five divisions of the closed neural tube in the developing embryo, including the telencephalon, diencephalon, mesencephalon, metencephalon, and myelencephalon.
brain v's, primary the three earlier subdivisions of the embryonic neural tube, including the forebrain, midbrain, and hindbrain.
brain v's, secondary the four brain vesicles formed by specialization of the forebrain and of the hindbrain in later embryonic development.
chorionic vesicle the chorion of a mammal.
encephalic v's brain vesicles.
germinal vesicle the fluid-filled nucleus of an oocyte toward the end of prophase of its meiotic division.
lens vesicle a vesicle formed from the lens pit of the embryo, developing into the crystalline lens.
olfactory vesicle
1. the vesicle in the embryo that later develops into the olfactory bulb and tract.
2. a bulbous expansion at the distal end of an olfactory cell, from which the olfactory hairs project.
optic vesicle an evagination on either side of the forebrain of the early embryo, from which the percipient parts of the eye develop.
otic vesicle auditory vesicle.
seminal vesicle paired sacculated pouches attached to the posterior urinary bladder; the duct of each joins the ipsilateral ductus deferens to form the ejaculatory duct.
umbilical vesicle the pear-shaped expansion of the yolk sac growing out into the cavity of the chorion, joined to the midgut by the yolk stalk.

sem·i·nal gland

one of two folded, sacculated, glandular structures that is a diverticulum of the ductus deferens; its secretion is one of the components of semen; it normally does not store spermatozoa as was previously thought.

seminal vesicle

Either of a pair of pouchlike glands situated on each side of the male urinary bladder that secrete seminal fluid and nourish and promote the movement of spermatozoa through the urethra.

seminal vesicle

either of the paired saclike glandular structures posterolateral to the urinary bladder in the male and functioning as part of the reproductive system. Each sac is pyramidal in shape and convoluted in appearance and at the anterior extremity becomes constricted into a narrow straight duct that joins the vas deferens to form the ejaculatory duct. The seminal vesicles produce a fluid that is added to the secretion of the testes and other glands to form the semen.

sem·i·nal ves·i·cle

(sem'i-năl ves'i-kĕl)
One of two folded, sacculated, glandular diverticula of the ductus deferens; its secretion is one of the components of semen.
Synonym(s): gonecyst, gonecystis, seminal gland.

seminal vesicle


vesicula seminalis

an organ present in male animals that often stores sperm and adds extra secretions to the semen.


emanating from or pertaining to semen.

seminal colliculus
see seminal colliculus.
seminal fluid
some of the fluid originates in the testis but most is contributed by the various sex glands, the amount and the composition from each gland varying between species.
seminal glands
see seminal vesicle.
seminal peritonitis
peritonitis caused by rupture of the vagina by the stallion during mating, or of the cow's uterus by the inseminator; causes a low-grade, chronic peritonitis in the caudal abdomen.
seminal plasma
the liquid supernatant after sedimentation or centrifugation of semen.
seminal vesicle
see seminal vesicle.
seminal vesiculitis
inflammation of the seminal vesicles.
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