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These have helped, but for a producer to see five sellable appointments each week consistently, he or she has to order enough leads, call 10 to 15 hours per week and generate at least $200 in placed premium per lead.
And last night Rae's agent, Blair Morgan, admitted he is aware that Dens boss Dario Bonetti is actively seeking to find a buyer for his club's most sellable asset.
Department of Housing and Urban Development and quickly make them presentable and sellable.
The proposed improvements will include a 24-unit, 7-story building area and 20,400 s/f of sellable area.
We could have decentralization of power but in a politically sellable way,'' Chemerinsky said.
This process will allow Anticus to assist cheese processors, beer and soft drink manufacturers as well as bottle recyclers, in transforming by-products, waste and overdue goods into a valuable, sellable yeast which is typically used in the production of animal feed.
He said: "We have assets that have to be realised, and Nacho, Julian and Jonay may come into the equation as sellable assets.
The project comprises 394,000 net sellable s/f and will be named Canyon Ranch Living.
Vincent stated, "This unique process is a terrific opportunity to transform by products and waste into a valuable sellable commodity in an environmentally friendly and efficient way, assisting bottle recyclers as well as cheese processors and beverage manufacturers.
Ball is under pressure to reduce the wage bill and although Curle is not the first he would want to lose he is one of the most sellable assets.