self-tapping screw

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self-tapping screw,

n a screw that cuts its own spiral threads into bone or tooth structure.
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I installed a 90-degree chain-link fence corner connector at the top of each leg assembly and screwed a self-tapping screw through it into the 1 1/8" top pipe.
For the self-tapping screw, the yield strength was supplied by the manufacturer.
Two main categories of self-tapping screws - thread-cutting and thread-forming - are used with plastics.
Procurement the Contract Is to Provide Flexible Joints with Self-Tapping Screws Kit.
According to MSHA's report, the accident occurred because the two self-tapping screws used to mount the cable tray on the right side were not long enough to support the cable tray when electrical cable was placed in it.
Coach screws - Other wood screws - Cotters and cotter-pins - Nuts - Rivets - Screw rings and screw hooks - Self-tapping screws - Spring washers and other lock washer - Other washers - Other steel and iron fasteners
Also, installation is not dependent on the location of an idler frame; instead, owners can attach the covers with self-tapping screws at any point along the length of a conveyor's structure.
Most of the catches are fixed by self-tapping screws which pull out of their holes as the plastic hardens.
YOU can use UPVC self-tapping screws for this type of job.
Self-tapping screws are used, and are offered in two sizes (5.
So, the next time I'm in B&Q, buying self-tapping screws, furniture polish and a hanging basket and wondering what happened to the teenager who claimed she would never become interested in DIY, antiques or gardening, I sneak a pair of L-plates into the trolley.
The fasteners were self-tapping screws (Fig 3) manufactured by BiRA[R]-IngBAU-Schrauben M6x100 [10] with inclination of 45[degrees] with respect to the timber member.