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PMA guideline to avoid kidney diseases is as follow: take plenty of water or liquids, always take healthy and nourished diet, regular exercise, always, monitor your blood pressure and blood sugar level, do not consume tobacco in any form, patients with hypertension and diabetes should not break or discontinue their treatment, avoid taking excessive salt and sweets, do not take junk food and beverages, avoid self-medication particularly taking pain killers and antibiotics and always take advice from the qualified doctor.
Self-medication leads to wastage of financial resources and often results in lack of therapeutic outcome.
New Delhi [India], Dec 9 ( ANI ): Self-medication has been observed as a global phenomenon and potential contributor to human pathogen resistance to antibiotics.
The clinical implication is that questions about self-medication with alcohol or drugs should be included in the assessment of patients with anxiety and mood symptoms, because self-medication is a marker of higher likelihood of psychopathology.
Prevalence and Pattern of Self-medication Among Study Population
Self-medication is defined as obtaining and consuming one (or more) drug(s) without the advice of a physician either for diagnosis, prescription or surveillance of the treatment.
Practicing self-medication, type of self-medication and consulting qualified persons for the disease were also dependent variables.
Dont put your health at risk by self-medication - it could have serious side effects.
Self-medication includes the usage of therapeutic products by people to treat self-recognized illnesses/indications.
2) Self-medication can be defined as obtaining and consuming drugs without the advice of a physician.
Amateur athletes could resort frequently to self-medication for different reasons.