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However, the fear and self-hatred will be suppressed and will be projected as fear of and hatred for socially legitimised victim groups, which will usually be people of other racial or religious groups.
This man stole my soul and set me on a path of self-hatred and self destruction that persisted for years.
We have this great wound of unworthiness, the wound of self-hatred, the feeling that, somehow or other, we have to beat the competition and we have to prove ourselves in something to be worthy.
There Kuh developed the idea of self-hatred as arising as a form of Oedipal conflict between fathers and sons in Jewish (but not only Jewish) households that in fact marked the highest stage in assimilation and in cultural achievement, for example, in a non-Jew like Geothe, a creative act of adolescent rebellion that dialectically negated the identity that the paterfamilias attempted lo impose upon his son with a view to the son's achieving an identity on his own.
Reitter's On the Origins of Jewish Self-Hatred is well written and accomplishes what it set out to do--it offers an improved conceptual analysis and clarification surrounding the term "Jewish self-hate.
And, as Patrick Carnes argues, the cause of sexual addiction is often a sexual self-hatred.
I never thought I would read such female self-hatred in a feminist magazine.
Israeli media have already fired the opening shots of self-hatred towards the anniversary of the murder of Yitzchak Rabin, MK Katz asserted.
Paiewonsky tries to question the boundaries of gender values, racism and self-hatred, sexual orientation and religion and the social ties that mold them, with the human body as a symbolic vessel, as raw material for these issues.
This article points to an imbalance in studies of Jewish, and particularly German-Jewish, self-hatred, namely, they have focused on answering the question of what Jewish self-hatred is, while devoting relatively little attention to the question of how to identify instances of it.
Students in urban schools tend to have low self esteem and often portray self-hatred.
There are reasons behind their actions, usually found in the ineptitude of adults, and consequences that follow, including self-hatred and guilt.