Voluntary mental hospitalization.
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For this reason, the self-commitment of energy providers to generating alternative energy, the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS), has to be expanded.
gateprotect is developing its software solutions at its domicile in Hamburg and has subjected itself to a self-commitment already years ago, warranting that only the customers have access to the information that passes their next generation firewalls.
PCHRO said that by agreeing to further develop bilateral relations with Israel, "the EU has failed to adhere to its self-commitment to international law, and appropriately implement the recent EU Strategic Framework on Human Rights and Democracy which emphasized that the 'EU is founded on a shared determination to promote peace and stability and to build a world founded on respect for human rights, democracy and the rule of law' and that these principles are to underpin EU's external policies.
The CPO is a voluntary self-commitment for industrial and IT companies, aiming at implementing or offering highly integrative solutions for seamless data processes in PLM.
The campaign focused on raising the public awareness and inculcating the values of self-commitment among community members.
Working the system means working your way into a position where, if someone is not prepared to pay your rate, someone else is in recognition of your self-commitment and to others to excel.
Some companies, however, resort to the carrot-and-stick approach instead of creating self-commitment among the staffers.
OEconomic success is the fundamental prerequisite for fulfilling our self-commitment to performing equally well in other disciplines of sustainability [ETH] environmental care and social responsibility.
If you talk about the physical factor, self-commitment and the compactness of the game itself, then English football is very much like the German game, though there is less time to control the ball or decide what to do," said Voronin.
According to a self-commitment of the European car manufacturers' association, every car sold from mid-2004 onwards will be fitted as standard with the ABS safety system.
Inconsistent Time Preferences and Imperfect Self-Commitment
This idea of Jesus' obedient self-commitment leads 0.