self-breast examination

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self-breast examination (SBE)

a procedure in which a woman examines her breasts and their accessory structures for evidence of change that could indicate a malignant process. The SBE is usually performed 1 week to 10 days after the first day of the menstrual cycle, when the breasts are smallest and cyclic nodularity is least apparent. Self-examination is encouraged during all phases of a woman's adult life; a woman who regularly and carefully performs the examination is better able to detect small abnormalities than is a woman who is not familiar with her own breasts. The techniques are similar to those of the examination of the breast as performed in the health assessment or physical examination. Also called breast self-examination (BSE). See also breast examination.
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Self-breast examination
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Unlike breast cancer where standard procedures are widely accepted to determine it -- like regular self-breast examinations and mammograms -- CML does not have such plans in place.
Annual mammography screening starting at the age of 40 in tandem with monthly self-breast examinations remains important factors for early breast cancer detection.
Denise Le Roux, from South Africa, 47, said: "Cancer patients out there should undergo self-breast examinations and a yearly mammography to avoid late detection.
Calendar to keep track of self-breast examinations and associated findings -- Journals to log breast health experiences -- Family history section to trace genealogic information -- Pregnancy history and related information -- Mammography and other radiology studies relating to breast health
Chris and I hope that our participation in the Race for the Cure series will inspire women to become diligent about practicing self-breast examinations, getting regular mammograms and office exams," said Spielman.