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Attempted analysis, or psychoanalysis, of oneself.
Synonym(s): self-analysis


n. pl. self-analy·ses (-sēz′)
An independent methodical attempt to study and comprehend one's own personality, emotions, and behavior.

self′-an′a·lyt′i·cal (-ăn′ə-lĭt′ĭ-kəl), self′-an′a·lyt′ic (-ĭk) adj.


n an introspection on one's own behavior and actions in the total environment.
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Driving home from classes in Sylmar one night, she made a self-analytical discovery.
He is very self-analytical and I think that is a quality that you will find in all the very best managers.
She's self-analytical, which works to her advantage, and her conflicts are universal and important without being earth shattering, making this novel a pleasurable read.
Subject matter will seem less daring to Western viewers than more conservative Korean auds, and its quirky mix of offbeat humor, drama and poetic moments may turn off those expecting a self-analytical shagathon.
I think the difference between this film and everything else I've done is that, for the first time, I have a not-very-introspective, self-analytical lead.
He said: 'I'm self-analytical but never to the point where it becomes obsessional behaviour.
As trite as this might sound, the narrator's voice and the author's humor make the book amusing, in an overly self-analytical way.
Gianni's emotional and self-analytical journey is paralleled with the quest of the Tolkienesque fantasyland adventurer hero (Sebastiano Moise) from his books, who assumes the form of the protagonist as a child.
A questioning impulse fires up the bravura (I've never heard "There's No Business Like Show Business" begun so quietly) just as more than one number -- Leiber & Stoller's "Is That All There Is," among them-- casts the audience as de facto therapist to an avowedly self-analytical, searching Ball.
Interviews with the sorrowful, even-tempered Ray, extant grandparents, and other relatives (many of whom were kept in the dark about Bonnie's "problems") shed some light, as do spoken excerpts from the late mother's articulate, self-analytical writings.
Much-in-the-news topic, plus filmmaker's wry, self-analytical take, make this ITVS project a strong choice for fests and PBS, although sub-60-minute length will make hard-top bookings a longshot.
Self-analytical approach, shored up by interviews with exploitation vets and blood-soaked scream queens, sometimes feels contrived, melodramatic ("Something beyond my control was pushing me all the way to the bottom").