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Attempted analysis, or psychoanalysis, of oneself.
Synonym(s): self-analysis


n. pl. self-analy·ses (-sēz′)
An independent methodical attempt to study and comprehend one's own personality, emotions, and behavior.

self′-an′a·lyt′i·cal (-ăn′ə-lĭt′ĭ-kəl), self′-an′a·lyt′ic (-ĭk) adj.


n an introspection on one's own behavior and actions in the total environment.
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For a board to become a board of choice it is necessary to engage in self-analysis and what makes it a compelling board opportunity.
We propose that fostering self-analysis enables pre-service teachers to consciously develop their teaching dispositions thereby positively impacting relationships and learning.
We may therefore assume a global stability of gains regarding self-esteem and self-analysis.
I did some self-analysis and said, 'These are the things that are important to winning.
Next, the details of self-analysis subsystems and user aide subsystems, consisting of YG personality test module and Group Formation module respectively are given.
After much self-analysis, I've realized that while I am enthusiastic, energetic, and adventurous, I have the tendency to lose interest on the job after a short time.
Outside the former church, the Methodists recited a prayer of confession that included harsh self-analysis for a denomination that has seen decades of steady decline.
But, yes, it was emotionally draining; self-analysis always is.
Recognizing beauty and potential in ambiguity of the dip art may reflect back on participant's own self-analysis and self-identity.
As opposed to the Poetics, Mike Kelley's collaborative project with Tony Oursler, which was a manufactured concept-act from the get-go, however, DAM's self-analysis and conceptualization always occur after the fact, in a sense posthumously.
When the user selects the desired mode, the system configures itself to provide appropriate functions, and it performs routine self-analysis to ensure that all components are working properly.
We spent the last six months of last year doing self-analysis, trying to see ways to do the job better," Lavin says.