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The control group, which was led by a female therapist, showed positive gains in self-acceptance as measured by scores on the SAS.
The road to contentment may be the way of self-acceptance, humility, and esteem for, or, at the very least, acceptance of others.
Williams and Lair (1991) indicate that counselor acceptance of children with disabilities leads these special children toward self-acceptance.
An extended contrast with The Autobiography of an Ex-Coloured Man establishes and explores the presence of racial self-acceptance in Their Eyes.
Perhaps the steady increase in self-esteem noted in late adolescence results more from progressive indoctrination into the values of society than from increasing self-acceptance," says Robson.
A masterful meditation on self-acceptance and womanhood, she was dubbed the new "neo-soulstress" by no less than Newsweek Magazine, praising her as "one of the freshest talents to come out of 2001," the emotive singer went on to be nominated for seven Grammys for her debut album, and subsequently has won a host of awards including 2 Grammys, 3 NAACP Awards, as well as being recognized by BET, Billboard Magazine, MTV, VH1 and Essence Magazine, among others.
Greyson added: 'I encourage anyone who [is] navigating their sexuality to devote as much time as they need to the process of finding self-confidence, self-acceptance and self-love.
The ending is somewhat disappointing as it promote romance as resolution to reconcile the two halves of Molly Pierce, but it also ends with self-acceptance and agency, which is hopeful.
These exciting findings underline the role self-acceptance and disclosure has on the positive health and wellbeing of LGBs.
If your child needs to hear more about teamwork, diversity celebration, and self-acceptance, overcoming handicaps and obstacles and staying strong, give her/him "The Wild Soccer Bunch.
discusses the culture of body self-acceptance in African American women and examines how that self-acceptance and positive body image has affected the fashion, fitness, and advertising industries.
Nina's conflicted feelings about her birthmark and her journey toward self-acceptance are the heart of the story.