selective progesterone receptor modulator

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selective progesterone receptor modulator



A class of medications that attach to cellular binding sites for the hormone progesterone, and either stimulate those sites, block them, or both block and stimulate them. They have a variety of uses in obstetrics and gynecology. Antagonist (blocking) agents like mifepristone can induce abortion. Agonist (receptor-stimulating) drugs may be used to treat uterine fibroids.
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Selective progesterone receptor modulators and progesterone antagonists: mechanisms of action and clinical applications.
As a selective progesterone receptor modulator, asoprisnil has an agonist/antagonist effect on progesterone receptors, with high tissue selectivity.
HOUSTON -- The investigational selective progesterone receptor modulator asoprisnil induced amenorrhea or normal menstrual periods in a clear majority of women with myoma-associated menorrhagia in a multicenter phase II study.
A selective progesterone receptor modulator (SPRM), asoprisnil is thought to work by inhibiting blood flow at the endometrial level, thus significantly reducing bleeding associated with leiomyomas.
3] FIBRISTAL (TM) is the first in a new class of medications in Canada called selective progesterone receptor modulators (SPRM).
ellaOne(R) is the first representative of a new therapeutic class, selective progesterone receptor modulators, and is the first molecule to have been specifically designed and developed for use as an oral emergency contraceptive.

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