selective mutism

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inability or refusal to speak, most often because deafness has prevented the person from hearing the spoken word. speech is learned by imitating the speech of others. The child who is born with normal hearing and then loses it may lose part or all of the power of speech through loss of contact with the speech of others. Mutism may also occur because the voice organs themselves have been damaged or removed, such as when a laryngectomy is performed for throat cancer. In other cases loss of speech may be psychogenic in nature. Called also aphonia.
akinetic mutism a state in which the person makes no spontaneous movement or vocal sound, because of either neurologic or psychologic reasons. Called also abulia.
selective mutism a mental disorder of childhood characterized by continuous refusal to speak in social situations when the child is able and willing to speak to selected persons.

selective mutism

a mental disorder of childhood characterized by continuous refusal to speak in social situations by an individual who is able and willing to speak to selected persons.

selective mutism

A form of social phobia, typically first identified in young children, in which the child fails to speak in certain public settings but has normal speech at other times. Synonym: elective mutism
See also: mutism

Patient discussion about selective mutism

Q. clonex symptoms in Selective Mutism Syndrome children My son is 6.5 years old, with selective mutism syndrome - in a months time he shall be entering first grade. We have, the past 2 years been with therapists specializing in this field. He has improved outside a closed system i.e. within the kindergarten (primarily) we even see some regression. We have been at major dilemmas with giving him medication but due to the critical time - we were recommended to take 0.125 mg of Clonex medication. we are a little worried and would like to understand the possible symptoms

A. As a benzodiazepin, it can cause drowsiness, weakness and other changes in behavior. There may be some other side-effects, that you can read about here (

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Instances of selective mutism in this country are on the rise, says Alison Wintgens: "There are more stresses and pressures around.
Challenging case: Developmental delays and regression, selective mutism.
Treatment for selective mutism has typically focused on behavioral and pharmacological interventions.
Although Edward's family could not understand his behaviour, his speech therapist said his symptoms showed he was suffering from selective mutism.
A book, The Selective Mutism Resource Manual, by Maggie Johnson and Alison Wintgens (Speechmark) gives information on how to help children with the condition.
Lorcan Dillon, seven, suffers from selective mutism, which affects his confidence and makes it difficult to communicate.
And Mab, who suffered from the speech disorder selective mutism as a teenager, also intends to raise awareness of the issue during her time abroad.
It covers evaluation and treatment planning, and the epidemiology, comorbidity, etiology, course and prognosis, differential diagnosis, and treatment of separation anxiety, Tourette's and other tic disorders, selective mutism, schizophrenia, and attention-deficit/hyperactivity, conduct, oppositional defiant, reactive attachment, feeding and eating, elimination, substance-related, mood and anxiety, gender identity, sleep, adjustment, and developmental disorders, and special issues like adolescent pregnancy, suicide, obesity, and physical illness.
Children with selective mutism (SM) experience a "consistent failure to speak in specific social situations (in which there is an expectation for speaking, e.

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