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v. seized, seizing, seizes
To exhibit signs of seizure activity, often with convulsions.

seiz′a·ble adj.
seiz′er n.

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Q. after breaking both my tib and fib in my ankle - my joint has now seized up completely - is this a normal occu I have been told my ankle koint may never work again - has this ever happened to anyone else - and if so, what route did you take next - either a dusion or ankle replacement, which would you recommend? Any advice would be great Thanks you in advance

A. here is an article that might give you an idea:

tell me if this is what you looked for.

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Due to recent huge cache seizers, on the directives of DC Ubaid Ullah, change timing of the officials and make them bound to come to office on holiday, if custom police sized goods.
The world's highest seizers of Acetic Anhydride (a precursor chemical used in production of heroine) ware done by ANF from 2008 till 2013 taking hold of thousands of kilograms of the chemical.
A kind of fifth column from land seizers was formed in semi-informal settlements on Bishkek suburbs, who came from regions after March 2005, called by Usen Sydykov.
He further said severe head injuries, pregnancy were the main cause of epilepsy disease, adding that 65 percent epilepsy seizers were occurred without any reason.
Some 50 people with Ata Meken flags headed in the direction of the State Register, since there is information that land seizers rally there.