sedentary work

sed·en·tar·y work

(sed'ĕn-tar-ē wĕrk)
A physical demand level described as the exertion of up to 10 pounds of force occasionally, negligible amount of work frequently, and a negligible amount of force constantly to move objects.
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His opinion was not even consistent with the ALJs own finding that Brown suffered from severe physical impairments in his right shoulder, lower back, and hips that limited him to sedentary work.
Those who spend 10 or more years doing sedentary work, have twice the risk of getting colon cancer.
If you are sitting in an office carrying out sedentary work, 23OC is a comfortable temperature.
For some switching to a standing desk, the transition from sedentary work might be difficult because of foot, back or any other type of pain that might arise from the sudden change in workstyle.
The researchers relied on activity monitors and analyzed that individuals with higher income mostly exercised for fewer days in a week, and spent a long time doing sedentary work.
USA], Aug 12 (ANI): Turns out, people with higher incomes tend to be "weekend warriors," getting most of their activity on only a few days a week, but they still face health woes from their sedentary work life.
Mitesh Patel explained: "This worrying level of diabetes in expats living in the Middle East and Africa is in part a symptom of an imported Western lifestyle and modern sedentary work "Once expats relocate they can be exposed to increased access to unhealthy fast food and less active ways of working, which may not have been the case in their home country.
Sedentary work is the main reason for the inactivity, with sedentary time (ST) defined as time spent in any waking activity done while sitting or reclined, including working, eating, reading or on a computer.
This regulatory requirement doesn't just include high consequence/low frequency incidents, like gas explosions for instance, it also includes low consequence/ high frequency incidents like occupational disease, manual handling (physical movement between objects and persons) and sedentary work.
That means your collaboration applications will let you know when its time to move, walk, take a break or relieve stress by moderating your schedule to allow for optimal balance of sedentary work and physical activity and maybe take that next conference call while walking the dog
Whilst I hadn't realised how studying plumbing could open up opportunities in property, I did know that the job obviously wouldn't involve any sedentary work, which just is not me.