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Customers purchasing full uniforms usually have to show their security ID cards.
For JCBank's clients, individuals and companies, to benefit from the social security collection service, all that is required from them is to provide the bank with their social security number and social security ID.
The long-lasting security ID card is less likely to crack, chip, warp, or fade.
The average Brit has to remember five passwords, five PIN numbers, two number plates, three security ID numbers and three bank account numbers.
Applications include notebook computers, smart card readers, security ID and biometric devices, TV tuners and memory media adapters.
Matters came to a head yesterday when one driver refused to wear his security id and was told to leave.
There were personal details for a second customer including his date of birth, account details and even a security ID.
Lantronix's UBox, a USB-to-Ethernet interface, now makes it possible to connect and share many products previously not considered as part of the office network, including multifunction printers, scanners, storage subsystems, security ID devices, card readers, bar code scanners, and PDAs.
A requirement for all 14,000 people who work in the Palace - including MPs - to display their security ID badges at all times.
A requirement for all 14, 000 people who work in the Palace, including MPs, to display their security ID badges at all times.
He lifts the tail of his t-shirt to reveal a laminated photograph of Hines, like a security ID, that he wears on a chain around his neck.
To make it as easy as a click of the mouse, on two occasions we sent e-mail to SCTE voters, featuring a link to the online ballot and their voting security ID numbers.

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