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A division of labor eventually developed between the judge's two secretaries.
42) Manuals intended for ambassadors and secretaries often devote important sections to it.
Too often the expectation exists that secretaries must always be on top of the world, flashing their thirty-two pearly whites and exuding a cheerful, upbeat manner.
Even traditional secretaries agree that today's commemoration, changed name and all, is still an important reminder of their role in keeping business moving.
But most secretaries enter at GS-3 or 4, work their way up to 6 or 7--and find themselves on a plateau, with no possibility of ever going higher.
The SEC, composed of the secretary, deputy secretary, Service secretaries and USD(AT & L), is responsible for leading initiatives to improve the management and organization of the DoD.
With just 18 percent of the nation's 5 million administrative personnel now carrying the title ``secretary,'' and some considering the term a pejorative, the 46-year-old celebration has arguably outlived its name, but not its aim, according to Rick Straub, spokesman for Professional Secretaries International of Kansas City, Mo.
QUETTA -- The Provincial Secretaries of different administrative departments have been given the task to personally supervise the anti-polio campaign in different districts of the province.
PM Raja Pervez Ashraf after consulting with President Asif Ali Zardari made major changes in bureaucracy and reshuffled at least eight federal secretaries including replacing Khusnood Lashari with Muhammad Ayub Qazi as his new personal secretary.
He's been held back both by O'Neill's clumsiness in global affairs and O'Neill's failure to play as significant a role in international economics as treasury secretaries Robert Rubin in the Clinton administration and James Baker under President Reagan.
Indeed, many secretaries want to climb the corporate ladder like Spurge did.

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