trauma assessment

(redirected from secondary survey)

trau·ma as·sess·ment

(traw'mă ă-ses'mĕnt)
Evaluation of the traumatized patient after treating life threats found in the initial assessment; a full body examination of the trauma patient by EMS personnel.
Synonym(s): secondary survey.
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First, secondary survey analysis requires less money, less time and fewer personnel and thus is an attractive option when funding for a research project is limited or nonexistent.
The report is published every six months and is the result of a primary survey with specialised analysts, broad experience in the local telecommunications market, and a secondary survey involving official statistics, regulation agencies and specialised media.
This report contains insightful primary and secondary survey data conveying the key trust-orientated issues for consumers; a detailed analysis of consumer attitudes regarding issues across the packaged goods sectors and buying behaviors; a review of NPD and marketing campaigns utilizing best-practice principles of trust building branding; and Detailed Action Points pinpointing how to devise effective marketing concepts that will help to (re)build trust.