lateral root

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lateral root


secondary root

the branches that develop from deep inside the plant root (i.e. are ENDOGENOUS) where cells of the PERICYCLE become meristematic (see MERISTEM and produce a growing point which differentiates into mature tissues. Such branching occurs behind the root hair zone and is initiated by AUXIN.
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The wild poinsettia seedlings exhibited root necrosis, gravitropic inversion, early secondary root and atrophy, with the exception of those treated with the B.
Key words: primary root, secondary root, root sprouting, hypogeous germination, Premontane humid tropical forest, Costa Rica.
2002) have demonstrated that root elongation and secondary root formation of white clover (cv.
Keller noted that the secondary roots of horseradish extending six feet below ground can be the diameter of a thumb; the roots have been found as deep as twenty feet.
Seedlings grown in the high light treatments had greater mean root lengths, primary root dry weights and secondary root dryweight (Table 2 c) than those grown in low light treatments.
These early events in nodule formulation are similar to those of secondary root formation (Gresshoff, 1993).
There was no significant effect of genotype on shoot length, leaf number, or secondary root number (Table 3).
5] M, cortisol significantly increased the length of the radicle but had no significant effect on secondary root development.
Passiflora cincinnata, Passiflora mucronata, Passiflora giberti, Passiflora morifolia and Passiflora edulis (control) developed in polyvinyl chloride tubes of 100 mm in diameter and 150 cm in height, in order to assess plant height, leaf area, number of secondary roots, stem diameter, taproot lenght, root system volume, absolute growth rate, relative growth rate, net assimilation rate, leaf mass ratio and root mass ratio, at 30, 45, 60, 75, 90 and 105 days after transplanting.

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