secondary health care

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secondary health care

an intermediate level of health care that includes diagnosis and treatment, performed in a hospital having specialized equipment and laboratory facilities.


derived from another condition, the primary condition.

secondary attack rate
number of cases in the outbreak divided by the total number of susceptible animals in the population.
secondary carcinogens
relatively inert substances that are converted by a host-mediated reaction to an active carcinogen, e.g. nitrosamines, pyrrolizidine alkaloids.
secondary health care
the level of care in the health care system that consists of emergency treatment and critical care. Called also acute care.
secondary hypertrophic osteopathy
see hypertrophic osteopathy.
secondary immune response
see anamnestic response.
secondary pregnancy toxemia
pregnancy toxemia secondary to another condition which reduces the ewe's or cow's feed intake.
secondary radiation
see scatter radiation, compton effect.
secondary ruminal contraction
occurs after the primary ruminal cycles during feeding and terminate with eructation. See also reticuloruminal contractions.
secondary spongiosa
see secondary spongiosa.
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Treatment programmes could then be designed around the existing capacity within primary and secondary health care services in those districts.
Apart from the Secondary Health Care Review, health boards are also looking at the future of some of our community hospitals - even those not earmarked for closure will change over the next 10 years, probably with a big increase in the services they offer.
We are not, in Wales, extending choice and competition in secondary health care through the creation of foundation hospitals because our aim is to develop the relationships between the local health boards and the trusts and to develop specialisms through collaboration rather than competition between trusts.
Choice and equity of access to primary and secondary health care services is a priority within all aspects of the NHS, however it must be recognised that for some people access to health care can pose difficulties.
Project activities include: (1) providing primary and secondary health care services to 30,000 Syrian and Iraqi refugees and vulnerable host community members through two mobile clinics and six health care centres; (2) conducting awareness sessions on maternal and child health that will benefit 1,300 Syrian and Iraqi women; (3) distributing oral hygiene kits to 5,000 children; (4) providing psychosocial support for 1,200 women and children; and (5) training 40 staff in health centres on health and technical topics in an emergency context.
He said the new hospital project, which includes 300 beds equipped with the latest international medical specifications, in addition to the provision of secondary health care, can also be extended to accommodate nearly 400 beds.
A study conducted by American medical journal The Lancet last month found that primary and secondary health care services in Lebanon were available to refugees, but that the displaced community faced out-of-pocket payments that its members could not afford.
MOH forms auditing commission to check medications' usage in secondary health care.
The OHCHR delegation underlined Bahrain's status as a regional leader in the field of general, primary and secondary health care, pointing out that the presentation has made the picture clear regarding baseless information about patients' inability to go to hospitals.
The number of medical complexes is 21 including specialized clinics that offer secondary health care on the level of the outpatient clinics.
Rather than considering itself as an "island" geographically and as the sole provider of secondary health care in the Wairarapa, the DHB realised it had to make the strategic change to a population health focus.
Mark Isherwood welcomed the announcement the consultation on the North Wales secondary health care review will be extended for a further month.