secondary drowning

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sec·on·dar·y drown·ing

pulmonary edema and resulting asphyxia, resulting from hypoxia and increased permeability of pulmonary capillaries occurring in a patient who has been immersed in water and aspirated some.


death from suffocation resulting from aspiration of water or other substance or fluid. Drowning occurs because the liquid prevents breathing.

asphyxiation, but with little or no inhalation of water as a result of persistent laryngospasm.
secondary drowning
pulmonary edema may occur some time after a near-drowning due to loss of surfactant.
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Inhaled "The things she was describing are often the symptoms of secondary drowning.
In secondary drowning, water in the lungs causes swelling and stops oxygen entering the blood.
Seahouses lifeboat operations manager Ian Clayton said there is a risk of secondary drowning where people swallow excess sea water.
We gave him thermal blankets and the rescue team at the scene believed he needed to go to hospital in case of secondary drowning which can happen in seawater incidents.
The teenage boy died in hospital and Humber Coastguard said the girls were also being treated for secondary drowning, a condition where fluid enters the lungs and can cause delayed drowning.
They were also injured in the incident and were taken to hospital for treatment for hypothermia and secondary drowning.
I am keen to raise as much awareness about secondary drowning as possible.
He was rushed to Liverpool Royal Infirmary where he was admitted to intensive care, suffering from secondary drowning.

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