secondary drowning

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sec·on·dar·y drown·ing

pulmonary edema and resulting asphyxia, resulting from hypoxia and increased permeability of pulmonary capillaries occurring in a patient who has been immersed in water and aspirated some.


death from suffocation resulting from aspiration of water or other substance or fluid. Drowning occurs because the liquid prevents breathing.

asphyxiation, but with little or no inhalation of water as a result of persistent laryngospasm.
secondary drowning
pulmonary edema may occur some time after a near-drowning due to loss of surfactant.
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If it is not treated in time, secondary drowning can be fatal.
He was rushed to Liverpool Royal Infirmary where he was admitted to intensive care, suffering from secondary drowning.
Wait for an ambulance to take them to hospital, because even if they appear to recover there's a chance that they may suffer from secondary drowning, where the air passages swell up.
The rescued men were taken Staithes by lifeboat and transferred James Cook Hospital in Middlesbrough be checked for possible hypothermia, cold water shock and secondary drowning.
The men spent up to 15 minutes getting everyone back to shore where they started to administer first aid and checked for hypothermia and secondary drowning.
The boy's friends, two girls believed to be 16 and also from Tyneside, were taken to hospital for treatment for hypothermia and fluid on the lungs, a condition known as secondary drowning.

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