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The second-best in the Football League at 'making fans feel valued'.
The timocratic soul, characterized by its governance by spirit and its consequent desire for esteem and aversion to shame, is ranked as the second-best kind of soul, though this should strike us as surprising since the timocratic figure would seem to be duplicitous, intellectually passive, and at the mercy of the fortuitous opinions of others.
San Jose has established itself as the second-best team in the Western Conference, if not the entire NHL.
LEICESTER launch their bid for a third European title tomorrow - accompanied by coach Pat Howard's warning that second-best probably will not be good enough.
Because once you accept second-best when first is available you tend to do it for the rest of your life.
Because of Haley's popularity and manipulative tactics, Anna is abandoned by even her second-best friends.
This does not have to be a second-best substitute but rather a better-than opportunity for relationships of the future.