second prescription

second prescription,

n the homeopathic remedy given after the initial remedy. See also remedy, following; repetition of dose; response to prescription; single dose; and homeopathy, unicist.
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When doctors explain the second prescription for naloxone, Weiner said, it should clue in patients to the dangers of opioid medications.
The Provision Of Services For The Modernization And Maintenance Of Communications Networks, Both Wired And Wireless, As Well As The Platform Municipal Perimeter Security, Which Constitute The Corporate Network Of The City, In The Terms Indicated In The Second Prescription Of The Technical Specifications.
Diagnosis of psoriasis was based upon medical records and documentation that at least a second prescription for a topical vitamin D derivative had been filled.
His second prescription is death penalty for those charged with corruption, like in China.
This is the second prescription fish oil formulation, following GlaxoSmithKline's Lovaza.
But the panel said charges of misleading and dishonest behaviour in relation to the second prescription were not proved.
It is accepted that Patient A and his mother were given a knowingly false explanation (either by Mr Burgess, or with his connivance and in his presence) which hid the error which had been made, and which sought to reassure the patient and his mother that the power of the spectacle lenses was part of the intended prescription process which would be in two stages with a second prescription thereafter.
I could always take my second prescription to avoid those sleepless nights, but I opted for some Sleepytime tea and a valerian root supplement.
His dad is reported to have said that when his son went to fill the second prescription, the chemist asked him if he wanted to get a three-week prescription filled at once and that Shane said yes.