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1. A living human.
2. The composite of characteristics that make up an individual personality; the self.
3. The living body of a human.
4. Physique and general appearance.

Patient discussion about person

Q. Do you personally know anyone that's autistic? Right, I agree 1 in 150 is diagnosed with autism. Do you personally know anyone that's autistic?

A. Yes as per the latest statistics in U.S it is 1 out of 150 of kids born has autism. I know 5 kids, all friends of family; all moms were on fertility drugs to get pg. Very sad. Two of the kids are twins and besides being autistic they have cerebral palsy.

Q. Alcoholism becomes a habit in person? How does alcoholism becomes a habit in person?

A. If you think about alcohol all the time and you need it to feel good then it's a problem. If it's just a rare but pleasant action then there is no big disaster.
It may be a problem if the alcohol being the cause of depending (physical or corporial it is not just the same!)

Q. How can persons with autism learn best? The person with autism can’t concentrate on studies? How can persons with autism learn best?

A. Where have you read such a misguiding message? No one can say that the person with autism can’t concentrate on studies. They can be trained through specially-trained teachers, using specially structured programs that emphasize individual instruction; persons with autism can learn to function at home and in the community. Some can lead nearly normal lives.

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The implied first-person speakers address God in the second person (You) and invoke blessing upon God.
First, without the second person address of the divine You, there is no divine Other.
Metafictional discussion of the use of the second person.
Part 3, "The Night Chanter," is partly written in the second person.
First-person narrative with the second person mostly used in the sense of "one" and in passages of free indirect discourse and interior monologue.
As a didactic evocation of what the feelings of the addressee at a given point should be when following the author's instructions to imagine herself in a certain situation, the passage works in an entirely convincing manner, and it prefigures the possibility of extended mind projection in the second person.
Gyle," in which the life of the saint is actually told in the second person.
It also consistently refers to the protagonist, the saint, in the second person.
Or, to put the point another way, double deixis is a name for the ontological interference pattern produced by two or more interacting spatiotemporal frames - none of which can be called primary or basic relative to the other(s) - set more or less prominently into play when we read fictions written in the second person.
As in Butor's early definition of the second person in fictional contexts as "celui a qui l'on raconte sa propre histoire" (66) ("that person to whom one relates one's own life-story"), in Richardson's scheme textual you in A Pagan Place designates a personage or entity actual only with respect to the alternative possible world created by O'Brien's fiction.
noncommunicative narrative in my schema) in the second person.
Max Frisch's "Burleske" - the narrative prose sketch from which his famous play Biedermann und die Brandstifter developed - is written in the second person, and it describes the bourgeois mentality to a T.

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