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one who aids or helps another; an auxiliary.
dental assistant see dental assistant.
first assistant a physician, physician's assistant, nurse practitioner, surgical technologist, or specially trained registered professional nurse who directly assists the surgeon by handling tissue, providing exposure, using surgical instruments and equipment, suturing, and providing hemostasis.
occupational therapy assistant see occupational therapy assistant.
personal digital assistant (PDA) a small computer used to organize and easily access information; for example, clinical guidelines can be downloaded to this device.
physician assistant see physician assistant.
second assistant an individual who assists the surgeon or first assistant during an operative procedure by carrying out technical tasks such as holding retractors; this individual does not cut, clamp, or suture tissue. This role may be performed at the same time as the scrub role.
surgeon assistant (SA) see surgeon assistant.


/as·sis·tant/ (ah-sis´tant) one who aids or helps another; an auxiliary.
physician assistant  see under physician.


A person who provides physical or administrative (e.g., scheduling, follow-up calls, etc.) support to a responsible (e.g., doctor, allied health professional).


Provider of subordinate support services to patients under the guidance of a health care professional.


Provider of subordinate support services to patients under the guidance of a dental health care professional.


n an agent or employee.
assistant, dental,
n an auxiliary to the dental operator. See also certified dental assistant.
assistant's stool,
n an adjustable chair with additional base support and footrest used to maintain the comfort of the individual assisting the clinician during an examination.


one who aids or helps another; an auxiliary; e.g. nursing assistant, technical assistant, laboratory assistant.

Patient discussion about assistant

Q. What is a physician assistant? What are the differences betwwen it and MD? My son want to be a doctor (MD). I think it might be to hard for him. I know that there is something called physician assistant can someone elaborate more about this profession?

A. physician assistant are just like full doctors except they need a MD to sign some of the forms they have.
You can see more about the academic program here

Q. In how many months or years can you become a Medical Assistant? Different states is different so in Oklahoma how many would it be?

A. it takes about 2yrs,you can work as a blood bank technologist,cardiologist technologist,cytotechnologist,electroencephalographic technologist,medical illustrator,laboratory tech,records technician,nuclear medicine,perfusion,dr office--you will work with the therapist or dr.with paperwork,an with the patiants. good luck-ps you willl learn anatomy and physiology of the human body. mrfoot56/retired respiratory therapist.

Q. where would i get assistance and guiding how to take care my child who was diagnosed with ADHD?

A. Children suffering from ADHD are usually treated by pediatric psychiatrists/psychologists, so apparently they are the address to turn to - they are authorized to prescribe the necessary drugs and suggest other kind of therapies.

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It eliminates the need for second assistants to hold the leg, while enabling surgeons and staff to focus on the procedure instead of leg positioning.