sebaceous epithelioma

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se·ba·ceous ep·i·the·li·o·ma

a benign tumor of the sebaceous gland epithelium in which small basaloid or germinative cells predominate.

sebaceous epithelioma

a benign yellowish nodular tumor of sebaceous gland epithelium. It usually appears on the neck or face. It may resemble basal cell carcinoma but is composed mainly of baseloid and sebaceous cells.

se·ba·ceous ep·i·the·li·o·ma

(sĕ-bā'shŭs ep'i-thē'lē-ō'mă)
A benign tumor of the sebaceous gland's epithelium in which small basaloid or germinative cells predominate.


any tumor derived from epithelium.

epithelioma adenoides cysticum
basal cell epithelioma
see basal cell tumors.
benign calcifying epithelioma
intracutaneous cornifying epithelioma
a benign skin tumor of dogs that consists of a keratin-filled cyst, usually opening to the surface of the skin through a pore. Occasionally, and particularly in some breeds, tumors may be multiple or recurring.
epithelioma of Malherbe
sebaceous epithelioma
a benign tumor of sebaceous glands that is histologically similar to basal cell tumor.


pertaining to or secreting sebum.

sebaceous adenitis
inflammation of the sebaceous gland; includes granulomatous lesions.
sebaceous adenoma
particularly common in the skin of aged dogs. On the eyelids they arise from the meibomian glands.
sebaceous cyst
a benign retention cyst containing sebum.
sebaceous epithelioma
basal cell tumor with sebaceous differentiation.
sebaceous gland
holocrine glands in the skin that secrete sebum usually through the hair follicles. They vary in size and activity between species and location. In dogs, large sebaceous glands are located on the dorsum of the tail (see tail gland) and at mucocutaneous junctions. In cats, large glands are located also on the dorsum of the tail, on the lip margins and under the chin (see submental organ).
sebaceous gland secretion abnormality
includes sebolith, seborrhea.
sebaceous secretion
see sebum.
supracaudal sebaceous gland
see supracaudal organ.