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sheltie eye anomaly; see collie eye anomaly.


said of denizens of the ocean. Called also marine.

sea cage
netting enclosure anchored to the sea bed or to buoys in which cultivated fish for human consumption are kept captive and fed special diets.
sea canary
sea horse
bizarre aquarium fish with a snout, a skin covered with bony rings and a prehensile tail; the male has a brood pouch on the belly into which the female deposits her eggs. Called also Hippocampus.
sea onion
sea otter
see otter.
sea snakes
members of the family Hydrophiidae, venomous snakes, inhabiting the sea, with paddle-shaped tails. Unlikely to bite unless pressed.
sea squill
sea wasp
sea water
if natural sea water is not available a substitute can be used: sodium chloride—27.2; magnesium chloride—3.8; magnesium sulfate—1.6; calcium sulfate—1.3; potassium sulfate—0.9; calcium carbonate and magnesium bromide—each 0.1, all in g/l.

Patient discussion about sea

Q. Is the dead sea really worth the flight all the way to Israel for psoriasis treatment? I've been hearing from lots of people about it lately. They say the mud and the salt there is a better treatment than anything else. Is that true?

A. The treatment in the dead sea is very very good and recommended for psoriatic patients, if other treatments don't help. It is not the mud and minerals that do the effect, it is mostly the phototherapy- meaning the high exposure to sun, that in your case is very helpful. It is also the stress relief of going on vacation for a few weeks that is known to cause improvement. I think it is worth the money - you are treating your body and soul at the same time.

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Lives and ships lost were a common feature of shipping in Australia waters and like Britain there was a recurring public debate about the seaworthiness of vessels which often became acute after multiple ship losses during storms.
It also conducts random inspection on foreign ships calling at Namibian ports for verification of seaworthiness, in accordance with international practice on the port state control.
Perhaps the best feature of the big Duckwater boat is her extreme seaworthiness.
Tamayo also said other passenger ferries of the Aboitiz Transport System, which owned the sunken vessel, will be confined to port so that their seaworthiness could be checked.
Founded in 1864, DNV originally was responsible to rate seaworthiness of ships.
Kayaks should be built sturdily, so the seaworthiness of the boat never is in question.
Members of the Lake District National Park Authority, met in Kendal, Cumbria, and agreed to allow a one-off trial to prove the restored vessel's seaworthiness ahead of any further forays on the lake.
The trial will prove the restored vessel's seaworthiness ahead of any further attempts on the lake.
During the last year, the RST conducted four Redeployment Conferences and supported 30 BCTs, which equates to training 863 unit movement officers, creating more than 1,300 plans in TC-AIMS, generating 57,204 MSLs and 16,489 RFID Tags, and inspecting 8,805 containers for seaworthiness.
I've got a V-bottom jonboat that I dearly love for its simplicity, stability, and seaworthiness.