seated massage

seat·ed mas·sage

(sēt'ĕd mă-sahzh')
A massage technique that is performed while the client is fully clothed and seated, often in public settings such as offices, airports, and malls.
Synonym(s): on-site massage.
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Guests will enjoy seated massage and can show their school spirit by having their nails and hair styled with their school's colors.
Chapters 2 to 4 detail step-by-step sequences that can be used for giving a full body massage, a foot massage, a simple 'backrub' and for the neck and shoulders, a seated massage is outlined.
The seated massage is one of a number of perks the company provides such as free fruit every day, chill-out rooms with PlayStations and pool tables and a company-wide Ministry of Fun all aimed at helping staff get through the day.
As a graduate of our 750-hour day or night Signature Massage program you receive certifications in Neuromuscular Therapy, Swedish Massage and Deep Tissue Therapy, Seated Massage, Reflexology and Spa Therapies.
This 31-year old Lausannois, runs Amma, a company that specialises in seated massage and shiatsu; and all of these treatments can he carried out in the comfort of your very own workspace.
Fine dining restaurant, pet friendly, complimentary wine hour and seated massage.
CLEVELAND, March 31, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- The industry leader in airport seated massage recently landed at the AIRMALL at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE), allowing travelers to ease the stresses of the day while on the go.
The lady had a seated massage five days earlier by an experienced massage therapist.
At the trade show this year, stop by the new relaxation station where you can enjoy a seated massage before perusing the more than 325 exhibits showcasing the latest in classroom technology, lab equipment, curriculum materials and more.
com/), a leading provider of on-site seated massage services for corporate wellness programs, promotional events, and special affairs, today announced that the company will be a sponsor and exhibitor at the first annual Working Wellness Expo (http://philadelphia.
the leader in airport seated massage and wellness services, today announces the opening of two new locations in the Newark Liberty International Airport.