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A surface against which an object may rest to gain support.


A structure on which another structure rests or is supported.

basal seat

Tissues in the mouth that support a denture.

bathtub seat

1. An assistive technology device that helps people with functional limitations to bathe. Some seats have modified features to help people transfer in and out of tubs, pools, or showers. Synonym: bath bench; shower seat
2. A device for bathing infants.


Infant drownings have occurred during bathtub seat use.

elevated toilet seat

Raised toilet seat.

raised toilet seat

A device for raising the height of a toilet to facilitate use by persons with limited strength or movement. Synonym: elevated toilet seat

rest seat

An area on which a denture or restoration rests.

shower seat

Bathtub seat (1).


A surface against which an object may rest to gain support.
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Is you child able to stay properly seated and belted throughout the trip?
You can't over-support patients in a seated posture and expect them to be very active.
The company's research is focused on methods to support the human body comfortably in seated posture and alleviate back pain.
26 crash in Glendale, said after experiencing the searing crash and seeing the devastating injuries among his fellow passengers, he now makes sure he always faces the rear of the train - especially when seated at a workstation.
Many aged adults in advanced years over an age of 80 have two or more pathological afflictions -- usually including arthritis -- and experience significant difficulty moving into and from seating, as well as increased discomfort while they are seated.
The settlement was reached last Friday, March 4, shortly after a jury had been seated to hear the case before Marin County Superior Court Judge Michael Dufficy.