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an agent that protects against access from the outside or leakage from the inside; called also sealer.
dental sealant a thin plastic coating put into the pits and fissures of teeth to act as a physical barrier to decay.


n a substance used to fill the space around silver or gutta-percha points in a pulp canal. Most contain some combination of zinc, barium, and bismuth salts and eugenol, Canadian balsam, and eucalyptol.


in meat hygiene terms, see shomer.
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Recommended by GM, Ford and Chrysler, Lord Fusor HD Sealers are single component products designed for duplicating OEM beaded, brushed, sprayed and weld-sealed seams.
Try edgebanding the spoilboard, or use a sealer on all four sides to seal the edges to even the vacuum.
The most commonly used sealer to date is AH Plus, which is an epoxy-resin-based sealer having excellent sealing properties [Belli et al.
Broadest Range of Advanced Bipolar Tissue Sealers Available for Open and Minimally Invasive Surgery
Looking at the bigger picture, the authors estimate that, in the United States each year, the mass of emissions of six major PAHs within the first 16 days after application of all coal tar-based sealer projects may be about 20 times greater than that from all annual vehicle emissions.
The purpose of this study is to compare the newly introduced Activ GP obturation system to the continuous wave of condensation technique with a resin based sealer over a 10-month period.
C[pounds sterling]Along with our current QX-775 and QX-1100 models, we now have a tray sealer range to meet most applications.
The BP E-Z Pull Tab[R] System, an add-on for case sealers, eliminates the need for box cutters to open cartons.
is a southeastern supplier of environmental products such as paints, stains, sealers, organic bedding, and air/water purification products.
The Rival Seal-a-Meal Cord/Cordless Vacuum Food Sealer ($99.
Xtend S-19C mold sealer is said to offer easy, streak-free application and is the successor to S-19B.
An example is Fusion UV Systems' UV radiation curing system used in conjunction with a UV-activated hybrid sealer developed by BASF.