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an agent that protects against access from the outside or leakage from the inside; called also sealer.
dental sealant a thin plastic coating put into the pits and fissures of teeth to act as a physical barrier to decay.


n a substance used to fill the space around silver or gutta-percha points in a pulp canal. Most contain some combination of zinc, barium, and bismuth salts and eugenol, Canadian balsam, and eucalyptol.


in meat hygiene terms, see shomer.
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Environmental Protection Agency was unable to provide any summary national data on PAH emissions from various source categories to put emissions from vehicles and coal tar-based sealer in context.
The coronal canal walls were coated with the epoxy resin-based sealer and backfilled with warm gutta-percha from an Obtura II (Spartan, Fenton, MO) set at 185[degrees]C.
A surface with a topical sealer and nonslip additive applied can achieve a wet coefficient of [greater than or equal to] .
A new generation of hot air sealers from Fischbein-Saxon is said to combine the latest in PID temperature-control technology, an innovative direct-drive system, improved airflow design, with a high efficiency heat transfer system.
EKOR Sealer may be used as the coating of the inner hot cell walls, shield doors and various other structures and equipment prior to diamond wire cutting them into manageable sizes for disposal.
Allow the pot to dry 20 to 30 minutes (or until dry to the touch), then spray the outside with two to three coats of acrylic sealer (allow to dry between sprays).
To get the best exterior painting results, it's often necessary to use a primer or sealer before applying the paint.
The proper sealer is dependent on the type of material that is to be sealed, as well as such other desirable characteristics as vapor permeability.
Casket, 18 gauge steel, sealer, velvet interior $2,175.
This time the sealer makes a hash of it, and it takes several more blows before he can turn the stunned seal to finish his ghastly business.
Greenpeace sued him in Norway in 1989 over his first film, Survival in the High North, which accuses Greenpeace of fabricating a sequence showing a sealer dragging a dead pup.