sealant, enamel

sealant, enamel,

n a resinous material designed for application to the occlusal surfaces of posterior teeth to seal the surface irregularities and prevent the carious process. Older term:
pit and fissure sealant.
sealant, fluoride-releasing,
n a type of sealant that contains fluoride for the purpose of resisting the development of caries in the tooth to which it is applied.
sealant, therapeutic,
n See sealant, enamel.
sealant, unfilled,
n a resin-based sealant that does not contain particles (as opposed to a filled sealant, which contains additional filler particles). It is less viscous and less resistant to water than a filled sealant and thus fills a fissure more effectively. Unfilled sealants typically do not require additional occlusional adjustments.
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