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an agent that protects against access from the outside or leakage from the inside; called also sealer.
dental sealant a thin plastic coating put into the pits and fissures of teeth to act as a physical barrier to decay.


n a substance used to fill the space around silver or gutta-percha points in a pulp canal. Most contain some combination of zinc, barium, and bismuth salts and eugenol, Canadian balsam, and eucalyptol.


in meat hygiene terms, see shomer.
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The worst mistake is stepping in drips, then tracking the seal coat across concrete or inside your home.
thick premix bitumenous carpet with liquid seal coat including supplying all materials, preparing and cleaning the base, heating bitumen, applying tack coat at Specified rate mixing hot bitumen and chips,laying the carpet layer & compacting seal coat with roller, etc.
Tenders are invited for Upgradation of interior roads at Nipora including Gumthan link by way of Providing/laying 100 mm thick compacted wet mix macadam, 50mm thick compacted bituminous macadam and 25mm thick semidense with seal coat (Agg length 3.
Tenders are invited for 775 gallon - bituminous materials (prime coat) mc-30 furnish & apply; 8,100 gallon - bituminous materials (seal coat) pg 46-28 furnish & apply; 345 ton - seal coat aggregate ca-16 crushed limestone, pick up at stockpile and spread on streets (furnished by city).
Tenders are invited for 54,314 gal - bit seal coat (pg 46-28); 2,263 ton - seal coat agg (ca 16); 3,000 ton - plant mix oiling level course, ca 12; 27,157 gal - bit seal coat (mc-30); 77,616 sy - in place milling; 100 ton - calcium chloride applied in solution.