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sheltie eye anomaly; see collie eye anomaly.


said of denizens of the ocean. Called also marine.

sea cage
netting enclosure anchored to the sea bed or to buoys in which cultivated fish for human consumption are kept captive and fed special diets.
sea canary
sea horse
bizarre aquarium fish with a snout, a skin covered with bony rings and a prehensile tail; the male has a brood pouch on the belly into which the female deposits her eggs. Called also Hippocampus.
sea onion
sea otter
see otter.
sea snakes
members of the family Hydrophiidae, venomous snakes, inhabiting the sea, with paddle-shaped tails. Unlikely to bite unless pressed.
sea squill
sea wasp
sea water
if natural sea water is not available a substitute can be used: sodium chloride—27.2; magnesium chloride—3.8; magnesium sulfate—1.6; calcium sulfate—1.3; potassium sulfate—0.9; calcium carbonate and magnesium bromide—each 0.1, all in g/l.

Patient discussion about sea

Q. Is the dead sea really worth the flight all the way to Israel for psoriasis treatment? I've been hearing from lots of people about it lately. They say the mud and the salt there is a better treatment than anything else. Is that true?

A. The treatment in the dead sea is very very good and recommended for psoriatic patients, if other treatments don't help. It is not the mud and minerals that do the effect, it is mostly the phototherapy- meaning the high exposure to sun, that in your case is very helpful. It is also the stress relief of going on vacation for a few weeks that is known to cause improvement. I think it is worth the money - you are treating your body and soul at the same time.

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The Whitley Bay Seafront Master Plan is currently on display at Whitley Bay Customer First Centre, offering an excellent opportunity for people to offer their views about our plans and comment on the proposals for the seafront.
As an authority we have had many more people encouraging us to get on with the delivery of the PS36 million master plan for Whitley Bay that will secure the long-term future of Whitley Bay and its seafront through a co-ordinated regeneration plan for the sea front.
By contrast, on the seafront side, it fragments and dissolves into a tumbling topography of angular shells clad in thin strips of stone.
The new Masterplan for the rundown seafront includes a two-mile-long serpentine timber boardwalk, watersports centre, hotel, adventure play areas, events area, luxury apartments, BMX track, skateboard park, all-weather facilities, a sculpture trail and various cafes and restaurants.
Around 400 guests were moved to the nearby Hilton Metropole Hotel as the seafront was sealed off.
CALLS have been made to upgrade safety at Blackpool seafront following the death of Huddersfield dad Darren Valvona.
The bus roof was ripped off and 70 shocked passengers were helped on to the seafront at Southend, Essex.
Sheets of water blew off the ocean across the city's seafront Costera Boulevard.
These four will be on the seafront and the danger is that there will be many more such buildings, blocking off the view of the sea, if the government makes the incentives permanent.
SOME motorists are still failing to heed warnings about poor parking on Redcar seafront.
The local fisherfolk association received recently two fishing boats from Seafront Shipyard and Port Terminal Services, a private company that operates in the coastal village.
ANOTHER 'SOB' story has surfaced in an ongoing series of controversies over the future of a town's seafront.