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sheltie eye anomaly; see collie eye anomaly.


said of denizens of the ocean. Called also marine.

sea cage
netting enclosure anchored to the sea bed or to buoys in which cultivated fish for human consumption are kept captive and fed special diets.
sea canary
sea horse
bizarre aquarium fish with a snout, a skin covered with bony rings and a prehensile tail; the male has a brood pouch on the belly into which the female deposits her eggs. Called also Hippocampus.
sea onion
sea otter
see otter.
sea snakes
members of the family Hydrophiidae, venomous snakes, inhabiting the sea, with paddle-shaped tails. Unlikely to bite unless pressed.
sea squill
sea wasp
sea water
if natural sea water is not available a substitute can be used: sodium chloride—27.2; magnesium chloride—3.8; magnesium sulfate—1.6; calcium sulfate—1.3; potassium sulfate—0.9; calcium carbonate and magnesium bromide—each 0.1, all in g/l.

Patient discussion about sea

Q. Is the dead sea really worth the flight all the way to Israel for psoriasis treatment? I've been hearing from lots of people about it lately. They say the mud and the salt there is a better treatment than anything else. Is that true?

A. The treatment in the dead sea is very very good and recommended for psoriatic patients, if other treatments don't help. It is not the mud and minerals that do the effect, it is mostly the phototherapy- meaning the high exposure to sun, that in your case is very helpful. It is also the stress relief of going on vacation for a few weeks that is known to cause improvement. I think it is worth the money - you are treating your body and soul at the same time.

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The work trial will give candidates the opportunity to make informed decision before they progress on a seafaring career.
Following on from a group-wide restructuring of Stena Line's management, administration and shore-based teams, the company has now met with staff representatives and trade union officials to review seafaring staff arrangements.
Bahrain has a deeply ingrained seafaring tradition, stretching back to the days of the pearl divers for which it is well known.
Bolster--himself a former sailor and now a Professor of History at the University of New Hampshire--describes the maritime experiences of African enslaved on ships and also looks at the symbolic meaning that seafaring had for this particular group.
The early inhabitants of Crete reached the island using sea craft capable of open-sea navigation and multiple journeys - a finding that pushes the history of seafaring in the Mediterranean back by more than 100,000 years and has implications for the dispersal of early humans," Professor Curtis Runnels told The Times.
THE Thomson Celebration currently stuck in Langton Dock is captained by someone inspired into a seafaring career by being brought up on the Mersey.
Larry Lamb makes appears this week as Archie Mitchell in East Enders, which 1980's seafaring soap did he first find fame in as chief engineer Matt Taylor?
Why didn't ancient Rome or China create the robust seafaring culture that Christian Europe was later to achieve?
ROSEN Mexico has been assessed and approved in accordance with the requirements of Lloyd's Register Approval for Thickness Measurement of Hull Structure as a service supplier for the provision of thickness measurements of the hull structure of ships and other seafaring vessels.
WITH regard to Mr Walker's letter ("Happy memories of the way we were", Voice of the North, September 11), I belong to a seafaring family and came to live in North Shields in 1921 aged four and a half, and we knew the Tyne River pilot Lancelot Burn and his connection with the Mauretania.
I would expect a society with expert seafaring skills to remove frightening individuals to their own island, much as England sent convicts off to Australia.
Masters And Com- manders is a swashbuckling musical portrayal of valiant seamen, tempestuous captains and eccentric pirates taken from seafaring movies.