sea sickness

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sea sick·ness

motion sickness occurring in boat travelers.


A permutation of motion sickness, which occurs when a  susceptible individual is subjected to the pitching and rolling of a ship, especially at the extreme fore or aft of the vessel.

sea sickness

Sickness caused by motion of a vessel while at sea.
See: motion sickness
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sea sickness

One of the several forms of MOTION SICKNESS.
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He said: "All the team know what they are letting themselves in for and have no illusions the month will be very hard work, bad food, little sleep and sea sickness.
But Angie revealed the trip wasn't all plain sailing after many fellow passengers suffered from bouts of sea sickness in the heaving southern oceans.
SEA sickness, cramped conditions, a lack of privacy and overnight watches on a ship's bridge are all challenges Prince William will face during his Caribbean posting.
Crowe admits he doesn't have much experience as a sailor,and his mother suffers from bad sea sickness.
Gwyneth's "research" is being recorded on her website where tales of her chronic sea sickness and farcical attempts at crossing the Channel have already been described.
The only other time I have spent on board a boat, I suffered horrendous sea sickness.
The boat was drifting towards rocks after fellow rower David Riches collapsed with severe sea sickness as the pair took part in Chay Blyth's gruelling Tenerife to Barbados challenge.
AM lucky enough never to have suffered sea sickness, or the dreaded "mal de mer", and having seen anglers on boats wishing they were dead and having to suffer the indignity of mickey-taking from others, there is some good news on the horizon.
One adult and a child were suffering serious sea sickness.
Another ferry phenomenon, aside from the world's longest night, is how the sea sickness only affects some people.
With that degree of overcrowding sea sickness could be a problem, with not enough space for the sufferers.
Yesterday, she revealed how her father and one of the other men had rowed the boat across the North Sea, while their three friends suffered from sea sickness.