sea nettle

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Chrysaora quinquecirrha

the sea nettle, a jellyfish that can inflict moderate to severe stings.
See also: jellyfish.
Synonym(s): sea nettle

sea nettle

Any of several jellyfish with long tentacles that deliver a painful sting, especially Chrysaora quinquecirrha of the Atlantic.

Chrys·a·o·ra quin·que·cirr·ha

(kris-ā-ōr'ă kwin-kwĕ-sir'ă)
The sea nettle, a jellyfish that can inflict moderate to severe stings.
See also: jellyfish
Synonym(s): sea nettle.
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One-way ANOVA on no-predator controls was used to test whether similar densities of zooplankton were added to sea nettle and striped bass mesocosms.
The sea nettle experiment also had an unbalanced design, because two 2.
Because we could not observe the position of larvae, inclusion of larvae would leave us unable to distinguish changes in sea nettle position in response to the spatial distribution of their prey from changes in position in response to dissolved oxygen.
As with sea nettle experiments, striped bass predation experiments were set up as randomized complete blocks (by date of replicate) with paired predator and no-predator controls at each dissolved oxygen concentration.
As with sea nettle experiments, the order of the addition of animals to mesocosms was zooplankton, then larvae, and then, where appropriate, predators.
5 mg/L on the recovery of larval prey in either the striped bass experiments testing the direct effect of dissolved oxygen, or in the sea nettle mesocosm experiments, we interpret larval recovery in these interaction experiments to be directly proportional to the number of larvae not eaten.
Measured dissolved oxygen, temperature, sea nettle bell diameter, and sea nettle volume, as well as the proportion of prey recovered in no-predator controls, are given in Table 3.
The Barnegat Bay Bulkhead Blitz pilot project, which started last fall in Toms River, is designed to educate those with floating docks and man-made bulkheads that help to keep stinging sea nettles in check is as simple as periodically scrubbing or power-washing the speck-sized polyps that adhere themselves to hard surfaces.
The Bulkhead Blitz was conceived after the DEP reviewed the results of a three-year, DEP-funded research study about the presence of sea nettles in Barnegat Bay as part of the Christie Administrations comprehensive action plan to address the bays ecological health.
Paul Bologna, Director of Marine Biology and Coastal Sciences at Montclair State University, determined that a higher density of sea nettles in the northern areas of Barnegat Bay could expand southward, as well as into other New Jersey estuaries and coastal waters, potentially posing threats to other marine life.
Sea nettles, which are voracious eaters and thrive in nitrogen-rich waters, can be plentiful in these areas.
Property owners in lagoon communities are encouraged to remove floating docks during the winter or clean them using a non-wire scrub brush or by powerwashing manmade bulkheads and docks at and below the high tide line to remove sea nettles.