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It is difficult to predict how long sea fret will last, it depends on the air temperatures and the wind.
RARITY VALUE Leaves on Stone, River Derwent (above) and Sea Fret (below) by John Faulkner will both be selling exclusively at the upcoming Newcastle Gateshead Art Fair from October 2-4.
Unless there's a sea fret, you'll notice the sea and, if you look beyond the winning line, you'll see the area where the horses pull up.
Paintings such as Sea Fret by Whitley Bay artist Robert Jobling show a tranquil image of fishing but Rough Passage by Edwin Hayes depicts the dangerous conditions in which fishing is often carried out.
Moore's runners were obviously at home in Bath's swirling equivalent to sea fret, as Lewis Island emerged from the gloom to run down his rivals in the final furlong of the mile-and-a half handicap under Ryan Moore.
After malfunctioning stalls at Redcar and stones on the track at Kempton, a sea fret wiped out Brighton yesterday to complete a bizarre first weekend of the British Flat season.
Father Ray said the farm was buffeted by cold winds, sea frets and was in the shadow of the Pennines.
On the North East coast, you get a lot of sea frets, sudden thick mists descending, and so we experimented with infra-red photography to do this and then used to rush into a darkroom the size of a cupboard to develop the film in minutes.
Having blundered, through the thickest of sea frets, to 151 for six on Saturday evening, the home side declined to 208 all out before lunch yesterday.
The murk has been attributed either to sea frets rolling in off the North Sea or to a 'Blackthorn Winter' - the countryman's term for chills due when sloe berry bushes come into bloom.
The weather Sea frets might not be universally popular - in fact, they're about as popular as Les Dennis after two hours of stand-up - but you can say this for them: they're weather with a dramatic flourish.
Proud owner Ben Chambers told me that seventy tons of concrete and brick rubble had to be removed to open up the space inside; and when it has also been restored, the garden, with its ancient well and statues of Roman gods should prove an exquisite setting for an informal tasting, sea frets and tradition British summer weather permitting.