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abbreviation for xeroderma pigmentosum.


The X chromosome that a daughter receives from her father.

xanthoma palpebrarum

; XP soft, yellowish plaques of fatty tissue; patients with hypercholesterolaemia may develop XP of eyelids
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It is only possible to play for 80 minutes without rest, as rugby is so fast now, so doing that would be really tough on the props, who have to push in the scrums, then run and tackle afterwards.
I tell them they're doing themselves out of a job, because for me a scrum coach should be teaching their scrum to be efficient and effective.
What was wrong with the loose-forward holding the ball in with his feet at the back of the scrum occasionally to keep the opposition backs honest?
While scrums against other teams last in the region of six seconds, against Argentina a further two-and-a-half seconds elapse before the ball is released.
Participants wore studded boots and warmed up for at least thirty minutes, after which each participant performed their usual scrummaging technique for 20 s and rotated through each scrum position in random order.
In Scrum, the project vision and desired value drive estimates of scope.
The team uses the scrum formation to work as a unit to try and win the ball.
A lot of things have been put down about us this week - like the Irish scrum.
People have been saying things, so it's good to be going against a French scrum that has had such a dominant week.
While the traditional approach still taught in most systems engineering schools evaluates requirements in the beginning, starting with deriving the system requirements from operational requirements, resulting in system architectures and specifications that then are the basis of a contract and that are followed through, SCRUM accepts from the premise on that requirements will change.
Prop Phil Vickery was secondbest to Springbok loose-head Tendai Mtawarira in Durban and it was not until the introduction of Adam Jones and hooker Matthew Rees early in the second half that the Lions gained a foothold in the scrum.
As if to heighten Smit's worry, the experimental laws will apply and they increase the importance of the scrum by allowing teams having the option of taking a scrum when they are awarded a free kick.