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the pouch that contains the testes and their accessory organs. It is composed of skin, the tunica dartos, fascia, and the tunica vaginalis testis. Each testis is connected to a cremaster muscle descending from the abdominal wall. During cold weather these muscles draw the testes closer to the body to maintain their temperature, and in hot weather the reverse occurs; the scrotum usually follows this movement. adj., adj scro´tal.


, pl.




(skrō'tŭm, -tă, -tŭmz), [TA]
A musculocutaneous sac containing the testes; formed of skin, containing a network of nonstriated muscular fibers (the dartos or dartus fascia), which also forms the scrotal septum internally.
Synonym(s): marsupium (1)


/scro·tum/ (skro´tum) the pouch containing the testes and their accessory organs.
lymph scrotum  elephantiasis scroti.


n. pl. scro·ta (-tə) or scro·tums
The external sac of skin enclosing the testes in most mammals.

scro′tal (skrōt′l) adj.


the pouch of skin containing the testes and parts of the spermatic cords. It is divided on the surface into two lateral parts by a ridge that continues ventrally to the undersurface of the penis and dorsally along the middle line of the perineum to the anus. In young, robust individuals the scrotum is short and corrugated and closely wraps the testes. In older people and debilitated individuals and in warm environments the scrotum becomes elongated and flaccid. The two layers of the scrotum are the skin and the dartos tunic. The skin is brownish and very thin, is usually wrinkled, and has thinly scattered kinky hairs. The dartos tunic is composed of a thin layer of unstriated muscular fibers around the base of the scrotum. The tunic projects an internal septum that divides the pouch into two cavities for the testes, extending between the scrotal ridge and the root of the penis. The scrotum is highly vascular and contains no fat. See also testis. scrotal, adj.
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A saccular expanse of skin and fibromuscular tissue located beneath the penis which contains the testes.


, pl. scrota, pl. scrotums (skrō'tŭm, -tă, -tŭmz) [TA]
A musculocutaneous sac containing the testes; it is formed of skin, containing a network of nonstriated muscular fibers (the dartos or dartos fascia), which also forms the scrotal septum internally.


The skin and muscle sac containing the testicles and the start of the SPERMATIC CORD. The wrinkled appearance of the scrotal skin is due to the thin layer of DARTOS MUSCLE under the skin.



scrotal sac

a sac containing the TESTES of male mammals that is situatedoutside the posteriorly ventral part of the abdomen. The external location ensures that the testes are cooled to below body temperature (heat can adversely affect the development of sperm). In some organisms, such as bats, testes may lie protected inside the abdomen for much of the year, descending into the scrotum only during the breeding season.


The external pouch containing the male reproductive glands (testes) and part of the spermatic cord.


the pouch that contains the testes and their accessory organs. It is composed of skin, the dartos, fascia and the parietal layer of tunica vaginalis.

Patient discussion about scrotum

Q. what is hydrocele-encysted when refering to the scrotum uroligist checked off 603.0 hydrocele-encysted tring to find out meaning

A. Hydrocele is dilation and edema of the scrotum. It may result from obstruction of the lymph vessels, small ducts that drain the fluids from the body organs. Such obstruction may be due to infections and other causes.

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Q. Do they make any specal kind of a supporter for older men that have very low hanging scrotums?

A. look for jock straps,or whitey,tighties,

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You can normally do this by squeezing the scrotum from top to bottom to force out the matter inside.
Testicular abscess, especially bacterial mainly presents with acute painful scrotum and fever.
Raphael is holding his lower abdomen and lifting his scrotum, attempting to decrease the pain.
The patient came back four months later complaining of pus draining from a sinus tract in the scrotum.
Cystic swellings of scrotum are a common entity in day to day clinics.
Two days after admission a painful swelling of the right side of his scrotum in an afebrile context with a skin erythema appeared.
Sinuses and fistulae in the scrotum is a known entity.
There was hydrocele in the right scrotum as seen on Figure 1 which was taken after obtaining consent from the family.
A man from Michigan, Dan Maurer, is to have his 100-pound scrotum removed surgically on Aug.
The longer the edema remains in the scrotum, the more likely fibrotic changes will occur that may require surgical intervention.
Idiopathic scrotal calcinosis is a rare and benign disease of the scrotum which is described in all age groups.